Organise and play your collected music the way YOU want it!


collect music

Collect your albums and import based on folders or tags. Use album types to create well organised artist album collections. Or just create custom collections on any criteria you like.


listen music

Listen to your collected music while you decide what and how. Crossfade playlists, or play your your live albums seamless. For the most demanding listeners there is ASIO support.


watch music clips

Collect and watch video clips in the AlbumPlayer itself or watch your videos or a custom slide show on the second screen. This all together with now playing information and artist art.

Invites to be Touched

"I only accept highest quality audio. Using FLAC format and the ASIO driver, it plays bit-perfect."

"I built my own home made Jukebox. It came alive with the AlbumPlayer."

"The AlbumPlayer is the perfect player for my parties. The Party mode let me customize the behavior."

try albumplayer

If you have your own music collection on PC, then you certainly should try the AlbumPlayer. See for yourself this is the player you were looking for.